Frank Meintjies, arts & culture, profile

Frank Meintjies is based in Johannesburg and currently works as an independent development consultant. Before that, he was based for several years at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, coordinating one of its global campaigns. Starting out in COSATU, Frank has spent 13 years in the field of improving organisational effectiveness and in human resource development. He has worked at senior level in the new democratic government, at Deloitte Consulting and in developmental and educational organisations.

Frank Meintjies is member of the Association of Non-Fiction Authors of South Africa and writes commentary on social, organisational and cultural issues. He has also, over the decades, been active in the arts world through writing and other activities.

He has been guest editor of Staffrider magazine, was a founder board member of Zimology Music Development Institute (providing music training). He formed part of a reference group for an in-depth HSRC study on the visual arts in South Africa (2010), cited as the first major study into the visual arts in South Africa. He also gave  input to Culture and the Right to the City (2008), a study undertaken for Isandla Institute by Zayd Minty.
Frank’s poetry has featured in various anthologies. In 2009, he released My Rainbow, a poetry collection that spanned poems from early years and more recent work. His latest work, Connexions, builds on the wide range of themes that appeared in his previous work. Frank was a columnist for the Sunday Times from 1998 to 2001. He was co-editor of a book, Voices of the Transition, which featured commentary on the many faces of change – and the stubborn challenges – in the first decade of democracy. Frank’s articles on culture have dealt variously with film in the townships, the role of resource centres in communities, language issues and the role of arts in society.


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